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Through years of development, Xiyang Company has developed into a professional service company with many operating vessels, Many times to participate in Shanghai Port and the Yangtze River Estuary, Huangpu River waters oil spill emergency disposal activities. Shanghai Expo 2010, The company's emergency ships and personnel in the Expo's core waters on duty for more than 100 days and nights, Won the Shanghai Maritime Bureau award. sea territory company is equipped with a number of operating vessels (huwei long 88, chenyang 18, huwei long 58, wei long 2, wei long 6, chenyang 6, chenyang 7, chenyang 8), greatly enhancing the comprehensive capacity of ship emergency preparedness and emergency disposal of Xiyang company.

Name:XI HUAN YING JI7   Length:48m   Width:4.2m   Load:751   Gross tonnage:499   Power:528kw

Name:XI HUANYING JI8   Length:48m   Width:4.2m   Load:751   Gross tonnage:499   Power:528kw

Name:HU YOU3   Length:47m   Width:3.8m   Load:550   Gross tonnage:462   Power:272kw

Name:HU NAN YOU9   Length:36.5m   Width:7.0m   Load:300   Gross tonnage:180   Power:201.3kw

Name:HU NAN YOU10   Length:37m   Width:6.9m   Load:300   Gross tonnage:185   Power:136kw

Name:HU JIN YU72018   Length:13.9m   Width:3.056m   Gross tonnage:6

Name:XI YANG HUAN BAO6   Length:48m   Width:3.6m   Load:810   Gross tonnage:492   Power:272kw

Name:CHEN YANG6   Length:15m   Width:2m   Gross tonnage:31   Power:105kw

Name:CHEN YANG7   Length:16.5m   Width:1.7m   Gross tonnage:27   Power:88kw

Name:CHEN YANG8   Length:16.5m   Width:1.7m   Gross tonnage:27   Power:88kw

Name:CHEN YANG18   Length:44.4m   Width:3.25m   Load:550   Gross tonnage:358   Power:368kw

Name:HU WEI LONG6   Length:36m   Width:2.6m   Load:350   Gross tonnage:197   Power:90kw

Name:HU WEI LONG58   Length:40m   Width:3.8m   Load:560   Gross tonnage:302   Power:202kw

Name:HU WEI LONG88   Length:44.15m   Width:4.1m   Load:532   Gross tonnage:470   Power:528kw

Name:WEI LONG2   Length:41.2m   Width:3m   Load:590   Gross tonnage:334   Power:199.6kw

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